EPL Highlights: Best Goals and Saves

The English Premier League is known for its thrilling matches, spectacular goals and jaw-dropping saving. Fans are treated to an amazing display of football brilliance each season. This article explores some of the most spectacular goals and saves to have graced EPL. It shows the skill and talent that makes the league so compelling.


Mesmerizing Goals

Bicycle Kick Wonders

The bicycle kick is one of the most famous types of goals. The bicycle kick is a combination of acrobatic skill and timing. Wayne Rooney’s spectacular bicycle kick against Manchester City, in 2011, is one of the most impressive bicycle kicks ever seen in EPL. His overhead kick, which was a result of Nani’s pass, is still regarded as one of the best goals in league history. Olivier Giroud scored a scorpion kick against Crystal Palace for Arsenal in 2017 that was a bicycle kick to remember. It left both fans and critics in awe.


Long-Range Thunderbolts

The long-range goal is always an exciting sight for the spectator. These goals show a player’s strength, precision and vision. David Beckham’s goal from the halfway line against Wimbledon in 1996 is one of the most memorable long-range goals. The goal was not only a sign of Beckham’s arrival, but it also set a new standard for audacious goals from a distance. The power and accuracy of Yeboah’s thunderous volley against Liverpool for Leeds United in 1995 will be etched into the minds of many football fans.


Solo Dribbles

Solo goals are an example of individual brilliance. A player who dribbles through multiple opponents to score is a great example. Ryan Giggs’ solo goal against Arsenal in 1999 FA Cup Semi-Final is one such example. Giggs, starting from his own end, weaved his way through Arsenal’s defense to score the goal that still gets celebrated today. Gareth Bale scored a stunning solo goal for Tottenham Hotspur in 2013 against West Ham, showcasing his speed and finishing ability.


Team Play Masterpieces

It is a pleasure to watch goals that are the result of intricate team play, as they show teamwork in its purest form. Jack Wilshere scored for Arsenal in 2013 against Norwich City. This goal was achieved through a series one-touch passes made by Wilshere and Santi Cazorla to Olivier Giroud. This goal is a perfect example of the fluidity and coordination that can be achieved by a team.


Spectacular Saves

Reflex Savings

Goalkeepers often go unnoticed in football. Their reflex saves have the power to change the game. David De Gea’s save against Everton, in 2014, stands out as being one of the greatest reflex saves ever made in EPL. It was nothing less than a miracle that De Gea’s quick reaction denied Bryan Oviedo a close-range shot. Peter Schmeichel’s save at point blank against Newcastle United in 1998 demonstrated his incredible reactions and cemented his status as one the best goalkeepers of the league.


One-Handed Savings

The strength and agility required to make a one-handed save is immense. Asmir Begovic made one of the most impressive one-handed saves for Stoke City in 2013 against Everton. Begovic deflected Romelu’s powerful shot with his outstretched arm, showing off his athleticism and reach. Hugo Lloris, for Tottenham Hotspur, made another one-handed save against Bayer Leverkusen during the Champions League. This was a testament to his quick reflexes and powerful wrists.


Double Savings

A goalkeeper’s ability to make two consecutive saves is rare and impressive. Tim Howard’s double-save against Arsenal in 2010 was a great example. Howard parried Tomas Rosicky’s powerful shot and immediately blocked Eduardo’s follow-up attempt, showing his agility and quick thinking. Petr Cech made a double save in 2008 for Chelsea against Manchester United, which was vital in keeping his team in the lead.


Penalty Savings

It is a difficult task for any goalkeeper to save a penalty. This requires anticipation, calmness, and quick reactions. Brad Friedel made a memorable penalty save for Blackburn Rovers when they played Arsenal in 2003. Friedel’s stop from Thierry Henry penalty was crucial in securing a win for his team. David Seaman, for Arsenal, made another iconic penalty save against Sheffield United during the FA Cup Semi-Final in 2003. He not only saved the spot kick but also blocked its rebound. This was a great display of his skill and determination.



It’s never a dull moment in the English Premier League, whether it is a stunning goal or a sensational saving. EPL중계 are not only entertaining for fans, but they also serve as inspiration to future generations of players. Each season, new legends emerge, and the legacy left by the EPL’s greatest goals and saves grows. The magic of the EPL is its ability to produce memorable moments for football fans all over the world.





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